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Diamond Website Package

Diamond Package

Monthly price: £88

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What features do you get?

✓ All Gold features
✓ E-marketing
✓ E-magazine software
✓ Featured news slider
✓ Coupon management software
✓ Affiliate programme
✓ Customers retention

What values and benefits do you get?

Our Diamond Package is our ultimate package delivering e-marketing and business expansion solutions on top of everything offered by the Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages. This includes two effective online marketing tools: a coupon system and easy to use affiliate management software. Our coupon management system solves the issue of newsletters being ignored by customers bombarded with promotional offers all day by allowing you to produce and distribute time-limited coupons that can be added to your promotional material to incentivise customers. The built-in coupon software will even detect invalid coupons, so security is assured. Our Diamond Package further enhances the customer experience by offering free coupons to people subscribed to your site, while also allowing you to sell coupons to non-registered customers. You can also determine how many times a customer can use the same coupon to suit your business strategy. Furthermore, with our Diamond Package’s Affiliate Management Software you will be able to expand your business nationwide and beyond by setting up a distributed marketing campaign. This system encourages other entrepreneurs to add links, banners and buttons to your business on their websites in order to receive commissions in return, while allowing you to do the same for your affiliates. Finally this package offers an online magazine to help generate extra advertisement sales, promote your products and services, and keep your customers up-to-date about news, technology, styles and events.

Packages We Offer

All the four plans come with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, FREE Hosting, videocast, testimonials, newsletter, all social media,
Google analytics, Search Engine Optimisation, protected contact form and business pages such as terms and conditions, about us, and contacts.